“I think what you are offering will be important to a lot of people. Some of the very simple things are certainly “non-trivial” as you put it and could be powerful aids to a contemplative practice.”
Participant in previous workshop

“Allen is a skilled teacher, integrating years of experience of Christian contemplative practice with the wisdom and worldview of tai-chi in order to help people deepen both their body awareness and sitting practice.” Duncan Hilton, Executive Director, Leadership Development Initiative

“I have attended two of Allen’s workshops focusing on grounding our prayer life in the body and the body’s movement. His Christian faith and practice of Centering Prayer is enriched and informed by experience in other traditions including Buddhism and Taoism and is firmly rooted in the natural world. And lest we forget, Allen helps us reclaim play as part of embodied prayer. What I have learned from him I have been able to integrate into my daily practice and life in general and isn’t this what makes a spiritual workshop of lasting value?” Annie Scarff, Amherst

“I participated in Allen’s contemplative movement session and recommend it highly. Although I appreciate all whom I come across in my contemplative circles, it is specially nice to have a fellow man taking seriously the wisdom way of knowing through the balancing of mind, heart and body. As a man, I could identify with Allen’s concern that we need to pay more attention to how spirituality is embodied, and how by being more present to our bodies, we can be more present to Presence itself. I learned from my father the importance of being grounded in nature. My Dad would tend his garden – enjoying every moment he could – letting go of the cares of the day and surrendering himself to the Divine within nature. Allen sees the importance of grounding oneself in nature too. Through the carrying around of stones and the touching of wood, I could follow in the footsteps of my father as well as the Gospel of Thomas which so beautifully says, “cleave a piece of wood and I am there, lift a stone and you will find me there.” So, I recommend that you lift a stone with Allen, that you follow your body as it progresses from movement to movement, so that you too can find Him there. Bryan Vosseler”

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